Definitions of Common Words and Phrases used in Institutional Research

A's G's
A.C.T G.P.A. or grade point average
Academics Support Graduation Rate
Admitted Student H's
All Students Headcount
Alumnae/i N's
Annual Fund Net Asset Ratio
Annual Operating Margin Net Income Ratio
Applicant Net operating Revenues
Auxiliary Enterprise Non-degree Seeking
C's P's
Capital Gifts Part-time
Carnegie Classification Primary Reserve Ratio
C.I.P. Q's
Cohort Quasi-endownment
Common Data Set R's
Consolidated Financial Index Regular Student
Conversion Retention
C.P.I. S's
Credit S.A.T.
Credit Hour Selectivity
D's Special or Non-degree Seeking
Debt Outstanding Student/Faculty Ratio
Degree Student Revenue Reliance
Degree Seeking Study Abroad
Discount Rate T's
E's Transfer Student
Endownment Tuition
Enrolled V's
F's Viability Ratio
First-time Student
First-year Student
F.T.E. or full-time equivalent

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