Federal Documents & Publications 

The Charters of Freedom The Charters of Freedom

Biographies of the 55 delegates  to the Constitutional Convention.

Statistical Abstract of the United States 2009

United States Government Manual
Contains information on the branches of government and on other government organizations. It is an excellent source for organization contact information. 
World Fact Book 

State and Federal Tax Information

All states 

General state information 
U.S. Census Bureau
9/11 Commission Report   

Related Non-Governmental Sites

C-SPAN.  Provides public access to the political process.

Booknotes Cyber Companion  provides transcripts from over 400 Booknotes programs, RealVideo clips of authors, and RealAudio clips of recent Booknotes programs in their entirety.

Congressional Directories
Congress.org  lists Senate and House committees memberships and biographical information.

Congressional Email Directory , also provides links to members web pages.

Courts and the Law
Legal Information Institute ,
Cornell Law School

FindLaw Internet Legal Resources

American Law Sources On-Line

Currency Exchange
164 Currencies Converter
World Exchange Rates

Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents  (from The Bartleby Project, Columbia University Library)

U.S. National Debt Clock

U.S.National Population Clock

Economic Data
Economic Policy Institute Datazone

U.S. Political Parties
Communist Party USA
Democratic National Committee
Democratic Socialists of America
The Greens/Green Party USA
Libertarian Party
Natural Law Party
New Party
Reform Party
Republican National Committee
Socialist Party USA
Constitution Party
We the People

Public Policy Organizations
Brookings Institution
Cato Institute
The Center for Public Integrity
Concord Coalition
Heritage Foundation
Rand Corporation
Urban Institute

Other Public Policy Sites
Economic Policy Institute
Essential Information  links to web sites of several interest groups and organizations.