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Compass E-Portfolio

The Price Leadership Program's digital Compass (like an e-portfolio but more) gives students the opportunity to plan, collect, and reflect on their best academic work, the key College events that shape their thinking, and their co-curricular activities into a personalized showcase of their Westminster career.

A significant component of a student's Compass, and the entire Price Leadership Program, is space for reflection. Compass provides the framework for keeping track of activities and making sure that students have full, well-rounded experiences at Westminster. While other schools may require students to keep e-portfolios, the uniqueness of the Price Leadership Program is that it includes requirements for students to take the time to think about the elements of each experience and reflect on what it means to their development as a student, a professional, and a person.

When a student reaches their senior year, they can use the Compass component to personalize resumes and digital reflections of themselves - showing how they have grown over their four years at Westminster and what they have to offer a prospective employer.

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