Allied Health Minor 

Allied Health (Biology)

The Department of Biology offers a minor program of study leading to the minor in allied health (biology). The minor in allied health (biology) serves the needs of students interested in careers in such fields as dentistry, medicine, and veterinary medicine as well as other allied health professions. Students who plan to apply for admission to graduate school or graduate professional school (dental, medical, osteopathic or veterinary medicine) are encouraged to consult the Coordinator of the Health Professions Program, Dr. April Potterfield, regarding their program of study and admission to graduate or professional school. In general, however, requirements for entry into graduate or graduate professional school will include chemistry through organic chemistry, a two-semester sequence in physics and a course in calculus.

Professors: Amspoker
Assistant Professor: Collins Potterfield, Mayne

Requirements for the Minor in Allied Health (Biology)

BIO 124/125 Biological Diversity/Lab 4 hrs
BIO 114/115 Biological Processes/Lab 4 hrs
Three of the Following Courses: 12 hrs.
BIO 203 Human Anatomy 4 hrs
BIO 307 Biology of Social Insects 4 hrs
BIO 301 Genetics 4 hrs
BIO 314 Vertebrate Histology 4 hrs
BIO 325 Molecular Cell Biology 4 hrs
BIO 330 Virology 3 hrs
BIO 398 Independent Research 3-4 hrs
BIO 402 Animal Physiology 4 hrs
BIO 403 Microbiology 4 hrs
BIO 404 Biochemistry 4 hrs
BIO 415 Gross Anatomy 4 hrs
Total hours 19-20 hrs

*These courses are of particular interest to students who plan to take the pre-professional exams.