Requirements for the Major in Biology

 Level One: Introductory Course 8 hrs
BIO 124/125 Biodiversity 4 hrs
BIO 114/115 Biological Processes 4 hrs
 Level Two: Intermediate Courses 8 hrs
Two of the following:
BIO 203 Human Anatomy 4 hrs
BIO 204 Animal Behavior 4 hrs
BIO 208 Functional Plant Morphology 4 hrs
BIO 301 Genetics 4 hrs
 Level Three: Advanced Courses 18-20 hrs

Five courses with at least one from the "lab" assemblage and one from the
"field" assemblage. At least three of the courses must have a laboratory
component. Two of the courses may be selected from the Level Two

Biology Lab and Field Requirements

<>The Department strongly recommends that students majoring in Biology
take Chemistry courses through Organic Chemistry. Any student who
elects to take BIO 404, Biochemistry, must have successfully completed
both semesters of Organic Chemistry or be currently taking CHM
324/325. No more than four hours of BIO 398, Independent Research
Projects, may be counted towards the major. Students must earn a letter
grade of C or better in all biology courses needed to satisfy major or minor
BIO 325 Molecular Cell Biology 4 hrs
Bio 398 Independent Research (with a laboratory focus) 3-4 hrs
BIO 402 Animal Physiology 4 hrs
BIO 403 Microbiology 4 hrs
BIO 404 Biochemistry 4 hrs
BIO 205 Ecology & Field Biology 4 hrs
BIO 308 Taxonomy and Systematics of the Flowering Plants 4 hrs
BIO 309 Phycology 4 hrs
BIO 315 Entomology 4 hrs
BIO 320/321 Biology in Belize (or other equivalent travel courses) 4 hrs
BIO 398 Independent Research (with a field focus) 3-4 hrs
BIO 220 Evolution (non-lab) 3 hrs
BIO 307 Biology of Social insects (non-lab) 3 hrs
BIO 312 Invertebrate Zoology 4 hrs
BIO 314 Vertebrate Histology 4 hrs
BIO 330 Virology (non-lab) 3 hrs
BIO 398 Independent Research 3-4 hrs
BIO 415 Gross Anatomy 4 hrs
Total Hours 34-36 hrs