Entrepreneurial Studies 

The Entrepreneurial Studies minor will introduce students to business fundamentals within the context of a small firm, preparing them for immediate contribution to the firm’s efforts and providing a framework for continued learning.

Associate Professor: Dr. Selcen Phelps

Contact:Dr. Selcen Phelps

Phone:(573) 592-6230

Email: selcen.phelps@westminster-mo.edu

Requirements for the Minor in Entrepreneurial Studies
ACC 215 Principles of Accounting4 hrs
BUS 220 Fundamentals of Marketing3 hrs
BUS 225 Entrepreneurship3 hrs
BUS 230 Personal Finance3 hrs
BUS 250 Principles of Marketing
3 hrs
Elective Courses (choose two)
MIS 201 Introduction to Information Systems3 hrs
SPE 310 Business and Professional Communication3 hrs
BUS 399 Internship3 hrs
Any ACC, BUS, or ECN course at the 300 level or above3-4 hrs
Total Hours
22-23 hrs
The department recommends that Entrepreneurial Studies minors take as many of the following courses as feasible.
   ACC 216 Principles of Accounting II4 hrs
   BUS 223 Business Law I3 hrs
   SPE 203 Interpersonal Communication3 hrs