Requirements for the Major in Physical Education

PED 230 Introduction to Prevention and Care of Sports Injuries

2 hrs

PED 220 Social Science in Sport

2 hrs

PED 309 History and Philosophy of Physical Education

2 hrs

PED 321 Kinesiology

3 hrs

PED 340 Exercise Physiology

3 hrs

PED 405 Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education

2 hrs

PED 406 Management in Physical Education and Athletics

2 hrs

BIO 110 Biological Processes

4 hrs

  and BIO 203 Human Anatomy, or
BIO 107 Human Biology

4 hrs

Total Hours

31-35 hrs

Electives: Six (6) Courses in four (4) different areas.
Team Games and Sports
PED A40 PE for Athletes 1 hr
PED A44 Recreational Games I: Team Sports 1 hr
Individual Games and Sports
PED AXX Fencing 1 hr
PED A19 Golf Instruction 1 hr
PED A37 Tennis Instruction 1 hr
PED A45 Recreation Games II: Individual Sports 1 hr
Tumbling and Gynamstics
PED A21 Tumbling 1 hr
Rhythms and Dance
PED A23 Social Dancing 1 hr
PED A26 Aerobics 1 hr
Aquatic Activities
Recreational Swim 1 hr
Aquatic Fitness 1 hr
Physical Fitness
PED A10 Weight Training 1 hr
PED A12 Walk/Jog for Fitness 1 hr
PED AXX Triathalon Training 1 hr
PED A25 Weight Control/Cond 1 hr
Recreation and Leisure Activities
PED A9 Racquet Sports 1 hr
PED A15 Yoga 1 hr
PED A53 Beginning Bowling 1 hr
PED A53 Intermediate Powling 1 hr
Five (5) hours of Non-Activity electives from the courses listed below.
PED 104 First Aid and CPR
PED 207 School health, Fitness & Safety
PED 132 Wellness Concepts
    (and PED A22 Phys. Fitness Concepts)
PED 206 Growth and Development
PED 215 Principles of Motor Learning
PED 311 Coaching Theory of Football
PED 313 Coaching Theory of Baseball
PED 314 Coaching Theory of Basketball
PED 316 Coaching Theory of Track
PED 317 Coaching Theory of Volleyball
PED 318 Coaching Theory of Softball
PED 319 Coaching Theory of Tennis
PED 331 Sports Officiating: Football
PED 334 Sports Officiating: Basketball
PED 336 Sports Officiating: Track
PED 337 Sports Officiating: Volleyball
PED 338 Sports Officiating: Softball
PED 350 Theories of Adapted PE
PED 400 Sport Psychology
Total Hours 31-35 hrs

*Credits must show competence in at least four of the following areas:
Team Games and Sports, Individual Games and Sports, Tumbling and
Gymnastics, Rhythms and Dance, Aquatic Activities, Physical Fitness,
Recreation and Leisure Activities.

Note: Some courses are offered in alternate years. It is important to
consult with the Physical Education Coordinator to plan a sequential

Note: For information regarding certification to teach P.E. in grades K-12
see Education.