Requirements for the Major in Political Science

All Students majoring in political science must complete the following four introductory courses. They are urged to take POL 112 and 211 before POL 205 and POL 212. All four introductory courses should be completed by the end of the sophomore year.

Introductory Courses   
POL 112  Introduction to Political Science 3 hrs
POL 205  Introduction to Political Theory    3 hrs
POL 211  American Government and Politics   3 hrs
POL 212  Introduction to International Relations 3 hrs
Total Hours 12 hrs

Students may complete the major in political science by fulfilling the course requirements in one of the following tracks and certain collateral or related courses outside the discipline.

Track 1: General Politcal Science Track 12 hrs  
Required: one upper level course in each sub-field
  • American Politics: POL 300 Environmental Politics and Policy, POL 301 The American Presidency, POL 311 Political Parties, Voting, and Campaign Strategies, POL 314 American Constitutional Law and Politics, and POL 316 American Jurisprudence, POL 370 Drugs, Politics, and Public Policy
  • Comparative Politics: POL 306 West European Government and Politics, POL 308 Post-Soviet Politics
  • International Relations: POL 305 International Law and Organizations, POL 362 American Foreign Policy
  •  Political Theory: POL 302 Political Thought and Modern Society, POL 303 Marxism and the Marxist Tradition, POL 304 American Political Theoryline.
Electives: Select any two other political science courses from any sub-fields 6 hrs 
Track 2: The Pre-Law Track 21 hrs
Required: Complete Pre-Law Minor
Electives: Select two other political science course from any sub-field
Track 3: Praticial Politics/Political Reporting Track 18 hrs
POL 311 Political Parties, Voting, and Campaign Strategies
ENG 357 Issues in Contemporary Media Studies
POL 399 Internship in Practical Politics of Political Reporting               
1. Issues—select one: POL 300 or 370 3 3 hrs
2. American Politics—select one: POL 300; POL 301; POL 304; POL 319; POL 362 3 hrs
3. Comparative Politics—select one: POL 362; POL 306; POL 308 3 hrs   
4. ITS 399 Departmental Internship 2, 3, or 4 hrs
Total Electives 9 hrs
Total Hours 30-39 hrs

Major programs must also include at least four upper-level courses, chosen from at least two of the four areas indicated above. Independent
studies and various internship programs may not be counted towards meeting major requirements, except by written permission of the department chair. Majors must earn a grade of C or better in all political science courses needed to satisfy major requirements.

Students contemplating graduate school in political science are strongly encouraged to take at least two semesters of a foreign language,
Introduction to Computers, and a relevant methods course such as MAT 313, PSY 270, PSY 274, HIS 390, or ECN 367.