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Mesa Student Life 

Student Life at Westminster College MesaStudent Life in Mesa is designed to complement and enhance Westminster’s academic mission through a dynamic student developmental experience – which includes creating a safe, healthy, comfortable, and global living-learning community; involving students in meaningful activities in a variety of environments; and providing opportunities that foster experiential learning, character development, career development, a sense of service, and spiritual growth.  A particular facet of the Westminster experience at Mesa is innovation, as we seek to take full advantage of the new higher education consortium of colleges as well as the services, resources, and culture in the vibrant city of Mesa. 

Career Development

Whether it is deciding on major, exploring internships, finding full-time job opportunities, or just writing a resume, Westminster assists all students. Together with staff, area supporters (many who are alumni), and on-line resources, students benefit from a college experience geared to their professional goals.

Some of the career-related resources available include the following:

Interest/Vocational Assessments: Students undecided about their major or chosen field of study receive guidance via individual assistance as well several on-line resources, i.e. Focus 2, Myers-Briggs Personality Type Inventory, and Strong Interest Inventory.

Going Global: International database of internships and jobs that also provides a wealth of country-specific cultural information.

Internship Program: Westminster College values experiential learning and seeks to provide qualified students with internship opportunities on a local, national, and international level. 

Columns Career Link: Westminster’s 24/7 job and internship listing database with thousands of openings on a local and national level.

Westminster College at Mesa will work closely with area employers and alumni to make sure the college experience not only prepares students academically, but also prepares them to enter the professional world with confidence.

Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life at Westminster College seeks to help students anchor their educational experience within a larger framework of meaning, journeying with students as they grow in their faith and explore their role in today’s world as ethical, responsible leaders.  Because a rich spiritual life can only happen in community, Westminster partners with several area communities of faith to provide our students with opportunities for worship, service, fellowship, and study.

At Westminster College, we are committed to fostering a sense of inclusive community on campus and an awareness of the needs of others. All Spiritual Life programming offered and endorsed at Mesa will provide a safe and welcoming faith environment where all students are invited to come and grow in their faith tradition.

What to expect: Weekly bible/sacred scripture studies at area churches and other communities of faith, weekly and monthly gatherings with other area college students, shared meals and opportunities for fellowship amongst our community partners, service opportunities with various churches and other faith communities in the area, and eventual video sharing of worship and study experiences between the two Westminster campuses.

Student Involvement

Getting involved is the key to an enriching college experience. Westminster encourages students to explore new activities, make new friends, and apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to a range of activities outside of the classroom. The Office of Student Services offers Westminster-Mesa students many opportunities to engage.

Clubs & Organizations :  Being active in a club or organization is a great way to make friends and develop leadership skills. The Student Government Association and Student Activities Board are great organizations to get involved with, or you might look to enhance your studies by taking part in one of the clubs and organizations that support our academic majors. Westminster students are known for their creativity in designing clubs, such as the Capture the Moment Photography Club, the Paintball Club, the Computing and Gaming Club, and the Pottery Club.  It’s incredibly easy to start a club at Westminster, and students are encouraged to start their own clubs to pursue their passions. 

Student Life at Westminster College MesaCommunity Service:  Westminster College’s mission is to prepare students for “lives of success, significance, and service.” We believe that service is one of the avenues through which students can develop holistically into a global citizen. The Office of Student Services provides students with area service opportunities that match students’ individual interests as well as some group service excursions.  One unique characteristic of the Westminster experience is the personal connection that we make with our students, especially when it comes to their service involvement. Whether students enjoy working with children after school, visiting the elderly, fighting poverty, or supporting environmental efforts, Westminster will help them find just the right service opportunities.

The City of Mesa is in alignment with our service mission, and as our partner, the City will connect us with organizations in need, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Center Against Family Violence, Habitat for Humanity, Kids Need to Read, and the YMCA.

Intercultural Engagement:  As part of Westminster’s global emphasis, we value intercultural friendships and promote them through programs, such as our International Club programs about countries around the world, our interfaith initiatives, and travel to other countries through the Take-a-Friend-Home program.

Wellness:  Part of the Westminster student activity fee includes a membership to the Mesa YMCA. Students are welcome to work out on their own, join a class, or take part in group activities and sports. League sports/intramural events will be developed soon.

With the entire city as your campus, you’ll intern with top companies, conduct hands-on local research, visit museums, attend performances at the Mesa Arts Center, and more. Westminster-Mesa promises a rich student life experience for all types of students.