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General Requirements for the Major in Enviromental Studies

Environmental Science Major and Environmental Studies Major Westminster College boosts two interdisciplinary programs that provide the knowledge, skills and perspectives needed to understand, address and resolve the environmental challenges of our global society. The two programs have similar degree requirements but with different emphases. The Environmental Science major’s core curriculum of natural and earth sciences is rounded out by selected courses in environmental policy, ethics, and economics. Conversely, the Environmental Studies major emphasizes political, economic and social/cultural aspects of the human impact on the natural environment, while still grounding students in fundamentals of the natural and earth sciences.

Students in both programs are required to complete two capstone experiences: an Internship (ENV 399) and the Environmental Assessment (ENV 405) course. Internships, which may be completed on or off-campus, allow students to work alongside resource professionals in fields related to the student’s career interest. Students gain first-hand experience with environmental issues of the day while developing important professional contacts. During their Junior or Senior year, students complete the Environmental Assessment course. In this course, students work collaboratively to research and evaluate a campus, local, or regional environmental issue. The outcomes of this research are presented to the College community, allowing students to practice their communication skills. This course gives students in-depth practice in the field of Environmental Studies and allows them to integrate knowledge and skills gained in the classroom and during the internship.

Please refer to the 2013-2014 Academic Catalog.