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Programs of Study 

Major programs offered at Mesa include:

Transnational Studies
  • Focus on global economic development, environment and health, global justice and human rights, and international relations.
  • Be a part of a leading program to prepare for this emerging field
  • Engage in advanced preparation for a variety of graduate fields.
       Environmental Studies
  • Study the political, economic, and social/cultural aspects of the natural environment.

Environmental Science

  • Understand the relationships between and within the natural world and constructed environments. Prepare for careers in environmental fields and graduate studies.
International Business
  • Receive a foundation in business administration, the liberal arts, international studies and foreign language.
  • Prepare for a career with a multinational corporation, U.S. government, or internaional not-for-profit organization.
  • Develop first-rate language skills to gain an edge in a demanding job market.
  • Create close working relationships with professional faculty who write and publish regularly
  • Preferred preparation for law school acceptance
Minor programs offered at Mesa include:
Health Professions (Pre-Med)
  • Comprehensive courses range from biology and chemistry to physics and calculus.
  • Premier education for admittance into the nation's best medical and allied health choices.
  • Prepare to become an attorney, or just sharpen your ability to analyze and debate complex issues.
  • Explore career options that require critical thinking and a sophisticated understanding of human behavior.
Students enrolled at the Mesa Campus can begin any Westminster College academic program. CLICK HERE For more information about other academic programs

Westminster is a full partner with the Maricopa Community College System. Westminster accepts
college credit from students who have earned the International Baccalaureate diploma, 
advanced placement, dual-credit, and CLEP testing.