9 Key Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a College

Deciding on the right college is a big decision.
To help you make the right choice, ask yourself ...

What size school do I want?

How far from home do I want to be?

Do I have any special needs, issues, programs that must be addressed at the college of my choosing?

What areas of study would I like to explore in college?
    a. Which classes have I enjoyed in high school?
    b. Which classes do I do well in?
    c. Which classes do I have problems with?

What talents or interests would I like to develop in college?
    a. Which jobs have I had?
    b. Which jobs have I enjoyed?
    c. Which jobs would I like to have?
    d. Which activities have I participated in?
    e. Which activities have I truly enjoyed?

What new things would I like to try in college?

What are my weaknesses? My strengths?

What features of a college would I like to see when I visit campus?

How do I plan to finance my college education?

Have your answers ready when you conduct your research and plan your campus visits. Does the school you are interested in match your interests and fit your needs and wants? Write down any questions you have, and ask the admissions representatives to fill you in on any areas you are unsure of about a school.

At Westminster College, we encourage prospective students to find the right fit when evaluating colleges. If you are interested in a college that offers small class sizes, engaging academic interaction with faculty, global leadership training, service opportunities, and professional and personal development, click here for more information.