Preparing to Apply to One of the Top Missouri Private Colleges

When preparing to apply to Westminster, one of the best Missouri private colleges, it’s important to stay on task, stay organized, and perhaps most importantly, pay attention to deadlines. While still in high school, focus on refining your writing skills, taking as many core classes as you can, and improving your GPA. Having a solid set of academic skills and strong study habits before coming to one of the best MO private colleges can help you achieve an even smoother transition during your freshman year.

Here are some student recommendations to keep in mind when beginning the Westminster application process:

Preparing to apply to one of Missouri's top private colleges “One of the most important steps I took toward the beginning of my application process was sitting down and having a conversation with my college counselor. We talked in depth about whether Westminster might be a good fit for me, and we planned a step-by-step course of action for tackling the application process. Laying it all out beforehand made the process that much easier.”
Preparing to Apply to Westminster - one of Missouri's top Missouri Private Colleges

“During my senior year, my dad and I flew out to Westminster for a campus visit. Having grown up on the west coast, I wasn’t sure what the Missouri campus would be like. I ended up loving it. The students were so friendly, the classes were small, and the campus was awesome – I started my application as soon as we got home.”

Preparing to apply to one of Missouri's top private colleges

“It sounds obvious, but one of the ways I decided I was ready to apply was by checking out the Westminster website. I learned a lot about the financial aid process, and the Academic Preparation guide helped me figure out what to focus on before I graduated.”

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