Why Westminster?

Parents love Westminster College because it is a small, engaging community rooted in a dynamic liberal arts education and a passion for leadership. Our community atmosphere makes the transition into college easy for our freshmen or transfer students. Small class sizes, an engaging freshman seminar, caring mentors, outstanding RAs, and welcoming upper-classmen will all be exited to help your son or daughter feel at home on our campus.

At Westminster, emphasis is placed on critical thinking, problem solving, and writing clearly. However, learning doesn’t just happen inside the classroom. Westminster’s strong leadership program, collaborative faculty research projects, service learning classes, and more allow Blue Jays to broaden their horizons, strengthen their values, and build invaluable connections.

All of this leads to success after Westminster, with 96% of our graduates have a full-time job or are in graduate school six months after graduation.

Westminster works with all students who feel that Westminster is a perfect fit for them. It is important to us to make every student’s four years affordable. Westminster’s merit scholarships and need-based financial aid assistance have helped thousands of students follow their dreams and invest in their future.

To find out if Westminster is a perfect fit for your son or daughter, call to schedule a visit to campus today 1-800-888-WCMO (9266).