Alumni Association Strategic Plan 

Approved by the Alumni Council - February 2003

I.  Association Involvement

    A.  Develop and support programs to enhance alumni-student interaction 
    B.  Develop and support programs to enhance alumni-faculty relationships 
    C.  Develop and support programs that enhance alumni involvement with 
         Westminster College 
    D.  Support the Westminster Alumni Volunteer Experience (WAVE)

II.  Alumni Communication

    A.  Facilitate information flow from Westminster College to alumni
         Support the enhancement of WC Connections 
    B.  Create and implement a marketing and communications plan for the 
         Alumni Association 
    C.  Facilitate the communication of alumni updates and personal information 
         to the Alumni Office 
    D.  Communicate and encourage participation in alumni volunteer opportunities 
         provided by the Westminster Alumni Volunteer Experience (WAVE) 
    E.  Explore opportunities with the College where personal alumni contact will 
         be advantageous 
    F.  Promote College image and increase visibility in all communications of the 
         Alumni Association 
    G.  Cultivate young alumni involvement by formally welcoming them to the 
         Alumni Association upon graduation

III.  Alumni Giving

    A.  Encourage and facilitate alumni giving 
    B.  Communicate giving opportunities to alumni 
    C.  Serve as resource for the Development Office for donor identification and 

IV.  Membership & Clubs

    A.  Develop an alumni club system to support area alumni events and 
         area alumni 
    B.  Explore a tiered membership dues structure in the future

V.  Recognition

    A.  Create a program to recognize the professional accomplishments and family 
         milestones of alumni (babies, new jobs, marriage, degrees, etc) 
    B.  Assist and support programs to recognize alumni service and involvement 
         in the College 
    C.  Enhance recognition of younger alumni 
    D.  Continue selection and sponsorship of the Alumni Achievement Awards and 
         Alumni Award of Merit 
    E.  Help promote the College through activities and other publicity 
    F.  Alumni networking success stories on web and in Leadership

VI.  Member Needs

    A.  Survey alumni on member needs and interests 
    B.  Develop and monitor programs that provide membership benefits that respond 
         to members' needs and interests