Special Awards 

Female Athlete(s) of the Year

1996-97: Robyn McArthur, Basketball/Softball
1997-98: Amy Schaeperkoetter, Basketball
1998-99: Jennifer Whitaker, Volleyball/Basketball
1999-00: Jennifer Whitaker, Volleyball/Basketball
2000-01: Casey Lionberger, Volleyball/Basketball
2001-02: Corrie Anderson, Volleyball/Softball
   Stacy Eckart, Volleyball/Basketball
2002-03: Amanda Brondel, Basketball
2003-04: Elizabeth Bentz, Tennis
   Jessica Lakenan, Volleyball
2004-05: Jeanette Bell, Soccer/Basketball
2005-06: Emily Greeno, Basketball
2006-07: Beth Hancock, Softball
   Amanda Reckamp, Softball
2007-08: Meaghan Jones, Soccer
2008-09: Abby Stuck, Tennis
2009-10: Shanna Crafts, Volleyball
2010-11: Rachel Backes, Basketball
2011-12: Rachel Backes, Basketball
2012-13: Kenna Cornelson, Basketball/Softball
2013-14: Sarah Ogar, Cross Country/Track & Field

Male Athlete of the Year
1996-97: Ryan Pock, Basketball
1997-98: Scott Pingel, Football/Basketball
1998-99: Scott Pingel, Football/Basketball
1999-00: Scott Pingel, Football
2000-01: Paul Moyer, Baseball
2001-02: Josh Zastrow, Basketball/Golf
2002-03: Ryan Carney, Tennis
2003-04: Robbie Coleman, Football
2004-05: Stephen Hoell, Soccer
2005-06: Alex Shelton, Baseball
2006-07: Josh Moore, Football
2007-08: Andrew Buxton, Basketball
2008-09: Andrew Darkow, Tennis
   Jason Warncke, Basketball
2009-10: Ky Millard, Soccer/Basketball
2010-11: Jeff Chacko, Soccer
   Jake Vislay, Basketball
2011-12: Sean Peterson, Soccer
2012-13: James Gladstone, Football
2013-14: Michael McDonough, Soccer

Coca-Cola Community All-American
2003-04: Sara Weir, Women's Soccer

CoSIDA Academic All-America
1998: Katie Zagar, Women's Soccer, Third Team
1999: Scott Pingel, Football, Second Team
2001: Mark Gifford, Baseball, Second Team
2002: Corrie Anderson, Softball, First Team
2003: Jessica Lakenan, Volleyball, Third Team
2005: Alex Shelton, Baseball, Second Team
2006: Alex Shelton, Baseball, Third Team
2010: Jeff Chacko, Men's Soccer, Third Team
2013-14: Leigh Ann Lutz, Women's Basketball, Third Team

CoSIDA Post-Graduate Scholarship
2001-02: Sean Wright, Festus, Mo.

NACDA Post-Graduate Scholarship
1999-00: Sean Wright, Festus, Mo., Finalist

NADIIIAA Community Service Award
2003-04: Westminster, Award of Merit

NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarship
1999: Amy Schaeperkoetter, Women's Basketball
2014: Leigh Ann Lutz, Women's Basketball

NSCAA Team Academic Award
2003-04: Westminster

SLIAC Post-Graduate Scholarship
2004-05: Stephen Hoell, Men's Soccer
2008-09: Jason Warncke, Men's Basketball
2009-10: Shanna Crafts, Volleyball

SLIAC Scholar Athlete of the Year
2011-12: Rachel Backes, Women's Basketball (Female)

SLIAC Hall Of Fame
2007: Amy Schaeperkoetter-Herman, Basketball
2007: Jason White, Basketball
2008: Jennifer Whitaker-Schaefer, Volleyball/Basketball
2009: Justin Peery, Football/Basketball
2009: Scott Pingel, Football/Basketball

WBCA Academic Top 25
Team Honor Roll

2009-10: Westminster (24th)
2011-12: Westminster (13th)
2012-13: Westminster (4th)
2013-14: Westminster (1st)

"Junior" Boyd Memorial Award
1998-99: Katie Zagar, Soccer/Softball
1999-00: Jennifer Whitaker, Volleyball/Basketball
2000-01: Not Awarded
2001-02: Corrie Anderson, Volleyball/Softball
2002-03: Not Awarded
2003-04: Phillip Carlson, Football/Tennis
2004-05: Jeanette Bell, Soccer/Basketball
2005-06: Chris Collins, Football/Baseball
2006-07: Not Awarded
2007-08: Not Awarded
2008-09: Not Awarded
2009-10: Ky Millard, Soccer/Basketball
2010-11: Kenna Cornelson, Basketball/Softball
2011-12: Talisha Washington, Basketball/Softball
2012-13: Not Awarded

* The "Junior" Boyd Memorial Award was established in 1999 to honor the memory of Boyd, who lettered in football, basketball, baseball and track in each of his four years. Boyd is the only 16-letter winner in Westminster College history.