Blue Jay Oath 

The Westminster College athletic department staff is committed to ensuring that fans, spectators, staff and student-athletes behave in a sportslike manner, especially at intercollegiate athletic contests. Unsportsmanlike conduct shall subject the individual to disciplinary action which can include removal from the playing facility or area.
Additionally, it is our goal to ensure that (a) both teams be allowed to prepare and to compete in a safe environment, (b) that the contest be conducted in a manner that discourages spectators or other unofficial persons from disrupting or interfering with the event; and (c) that visiting spectators be permitted to support their team as a group, free from interference and intimidation from home fans.

It shall be the mission of Westminster College to educate and inspire all its students through a distinctive liberal arts curriculum and a dynamic developmental experience; to challenge them to be critically aware, life-long learners and leaders of character, committed to the values of integrity, fairness, respect and responsibility; and to prepare them for lives of success, significance and service.

The Blue Jay Oath

As Westminster Blue Jay Student-Athletes, we pledge to:

• Pursue excellence in the classroom and in competition;
• Hold ourselves to the highest standards of sportsmanship;
• Demonstrate strong character and accountability for our conduct;
• Take pride in Westminster College;
• Honor and uphold the traditions of our institution;
• Appreciate the privilege of wearing Blue and White;
• Embrace the different and unique perspectives we each bring to our team and institution;
• Support our fellow student-athletes in their pursuit of excellence;
• Be positive role models for our community;
• Lead with integrity, fairness, respect and responsibility in all of our actions.
We represent Westminster College.

I am a BLUE JAY!