History (M) 

SLIAC Finish
2008: Fifth
2009: Sixth
2010: Fifth
2011: Fifth
2012: Third
2013: Fourth
2014: Fifth

SLIAC All-Conference
1990: Kevin O'Bannon, First Team
1991: John Christiansen, First Team
1993: John Christiansen, First Team
1994: David Brewer, First Team
          Andrew Powelson, First Team
2001: Cole Gustafson, Second Team
2012: Matt Borst, Second Team
          Daniel Lindaman, Second Team
2013: Jesse Edwards, First Team
          Matt Borst, Second Team
2014: Jesse Edwards, First Team
          Daniel Lindaman, Second Team

SLIAC Academic All-Conference
2008: Josh Ray, Sr.
2010: Victor Stichnot, So.
2011: Austin Fiegel, So.
2012: Victor Stichnot, Sr.
          Matthew Borst, Jr.
          Austin Fiegel, Jr.
          Daniel Lindaman, Jr.
          Will Megl, So.
2013: Matt Borst, Sr.
          Daniel Lindaman, Jr.
          Will Megl, Jr.
          Jesse Edwards, So.
          Nathan Fox, So.

SLIAC All-Sportsmanship Team
2010: Victor Sticknot, So.
2011: Daniel Lindaman, Fr.
2012: Will Megl, So.
2014: Spencer Woodford, Sr.

1967: MCAU
1969: NAIA District 16
1972: NAIA District 16
1975: NAIA District 16
1976: NAIA District 16
1978: NAIA District 16
1979: NAIA District 16
MCAU-Missouri College Athletic Union
NAIA-National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

NCAA Finishes
1962: 20th
1974: 21st
1977: 37th
*Although school was NAIA, teams were able to petition for participation in NCAA competitions if scholarships were non-athletic.

Yearly Results
9/12, at Central Missouri Mule Run, NTS
9/27, at Augustana (Ill.) Invitational, NTS
10/10, at Principia Cowbell Classic, 4th/6 teams
10/17, at Millikin Classic, NTS
11/1, at SLIAC Championships, 5th/7 teams
11/15, at NCAA Midwest Regionals, NTS
NTS-No team score
9/1, at Webster Dual, 2nd
9/11, at Central Missouri Mule Run, 11th/12 teams
9/19, at Missouri State Classic, NTS
10/3, at Central Methodist Invitational, NTS
10/9, at Principia Cowbell Classic, 4th/6 teams
10/16, Westminster Alumni Classic, 1st
10/31, at SLIAC Championships, 6th
11/14, at NCAA Midwest Regionals, NTS
NTS-No team score
9/1, Webster Dual, 2nd
9/10, at Central Missouri Mule Run, 11th/13 teams
9/18, at Maryville Invitational, 6th/6 teams
9/24, at Brissman/Lundeen Invitational, NTS
10/8, at Principia Cowbell Classic, 5th/6 teams
10/16, at Illinois College Invitational, 8th/9 teams
10/30, at SLIAC Championships, 5th/8 teams
11/13, at NCAA Midwest Regionals, NTS
NTS-No team score
9/9, at Central Missouri Mule Run, 8th/9 teams
9/14, at Webster Dual, W 20-37
9/23, at Brissman/Lundeen Invitational, 25th/33 teams
10/7, at Principia Cowbell Classic, 3rd/7 teams
10/15, at Illinois College Invitational, 7th/10 teams
10/29, at SLIAC Championships, 5th/8 teams
11/12, at NCAA Midwest Regionals, 32nd/39 teams
9/1, at Principia Invitational, 2nd/9 teams
9/7, at Central Missouri Mule Run, 7th/8 teams
9/21, at Augustana Invitational, 18th/34 teams
10/6, at Central Methodist Invitational, 5th/6 teams
10/13, at Illinois College Invitational, 4th/13 teams
10/27, at SLIAC Championships, 3rd/8 teams
8/31, at Central Methodist Open, 2nd/3 teams
9/6, at Southwest Baptist U. Twilight Meet, 3rd/7 teams
9/14, at Central Missouri Mule Run, 5th/10 teams
9/21, at Missouri Southern Invitational, 8th/ 16 teams
9/27, at Augustana Invitational, 20th/ 35 teams
10/12, at Central Methodist, 2nd/ 6 teams
10/26, at St. Louis College of Pharmacy Invitational, 4th/7 teams
11/2, at SLIAC Championships, 4th/6 teams
11/16, at NCAA Regional, 27th/39 teams