Cultural Diversity Organization

The Cultural Diversity Organization consists of students and advisors, from various facets of Westminster College, who want to improve cultural awareness and respect of diversity. The club promotes intercultural learning, conducts research and promotes networking amongst its members and neighboring communities.

Student Contact:
Advisor: Jill Olson
Black Student Association (BSA)
To represent the interests of Westminster's Black student population and to express their cultural heritage

Student Contact:  Lashaye Allen   
Advisor:  Cinnamon Brown 

International Club

This organization was created with the intention of promoting and encouraging a better understanding of the "Global Village" in which we live through both social and service programming. The Club seeks to promote friendship based on mutual understanding and respect and to encourage cultural exchange and awareness and to facilitate international understanding. All students with an interest in sharing an awareness of world cultures and peoples are encouraged to join, both international and American students, alike. 
Student Contact:  Estefania Morera 
 Advisor: Dr. Catherine Pesce  

African Union Organization

African Union Organization is an organization for students who are interested in Africa and deal with issues pertaining Africa. Mainly we work with other organizations and try to help or get contacts on projects they are doing pertaining to African issues.  This organization is based on an African Union club in Whales UWC. 
Student Contact:  Sharon Okello
Advisor: Dr. Sam Goodfellow

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is composed of a group of students who promote Spanish language and culture.

Student Contact: Brittney Regal 
Advisor Contact: Susan Divine  

The Alliance

The Alliance is a group that seeks to explore LGBT issues and help students understand the LGBT community. Any issues that could be related back to sexual orientation can be covered in Alliance meetings. The Alliance also serves to act as a bridge between straight "Allies" and those of the LGBT community. Attendence in this group does not imply any claim to a sexual orientation; any and all students are welcome to join.

Student Contact: Halen Rudolph
Advisor: Karen Tompson-Wolfe

VOICES(Valuing Our Impact on the Cultural Experiences of Students)

 Voices is an organization that serves as an umbrella of all cultural organizations present on the WC campus:

    * The African Union Organization (AUO)
    * The Black Student Organization (BSA)
    * The Cultural Diversity Organization (CDO)
    * The French Club
    * The International Club

VOICES will help the represented clubs/organizations to define specific purposes for the clubs/organizations, to encourage extended participation from all groups to one another, to sponsor an annual event together and ultimately, to help create a stronger voice for the multi-culturally involved students on campus.

Student Contact:
Advisor: Brian Valentine