Leadership Development Program 

The Leadership Development Program is aimed primarily at the leadership and character development of college students.
  • Campus Leadership Development Program: series of workshops developed around leadership issued, primarily focused on students and student leaders.
  •  Leadership Education:The Center coordinates the Leadership Studies Curriculum by teaching support in the leadership minor program, offering of additional courses, and increased advising and student involvement in the leadership minor program.
  • Campus Organization Leadership Training:   Funding and training programs to help campus organization leaders be stronger leaders, develop vision & mission for their organizations, and incorporate campus values into their organization.
  • Character Development Program:   Programs to support character development through the Chaplains Leadership Council.
  • Leadership, Service, and Character Development Speaker Program:   A program designed to bring speakers to the campus who will challenge and inspire students in an interactive manner.
  • Freshmen Mentoring Program:   Support for the freshmen new student seminar mentoring program to allow employment of a second mentor for each class providing additional mentoring, relationship building with the freshmen and providing character development & values reinforcement for freshmen.
  • Women's Resource Center:   Support for the Remley Women's Resource Center which provides leadership, character development, service, and social support of the campus.  The Women's Resource Center primarily supports the women on campus but also supports all Westminster students through their programming and social opportunities.
  • Student Leadership Certification Program:   A certification program designed to help students develop their leadership abilities through service, involvement and leadership educaton.
  • Omicron Delta Kappa: Support for this national honorary leadership fraternity which emphasizes leadership, campus involvement, and academic excellence.
  • Faculty-Staff Leadership Development Program:   A program designed to provide support to faculty and staff as they develop their leadership skills and pursuit of professional development opportunities.