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Take a Friend Home

Introduced in the summer of 2006 with the support of our Board of Trustees, the Take-a-Friend Home program is an innovative global outreach and cultural immersion program through the Churchill Institute for Global Engagement.

International students select a friend with whom they would like to travel and share their family experience. Likewise, American students may select an international friend with whom they might like to share their American family experience over a holiday such as Thanksgiving or Christmas / Winter break. The College will pay for the round trip airfare for the international flight for each "team" of students. Participating students agree to host their friends and share their experiences with the Westminster community upon their return.

What do the movies, witch-doctors, blizzards and vuvuzelas have in common?

Why Westminster College, of course. Three pairs of Westminster students that enrolled in Westminster's Take a Friend Home Program experienced each of these things, among other experiences, while taking part in the program over the last year.

Take a Friend HomeThe Take a Friend Home program, hosted by Westminster, allows students to be taken home by an international friend and then return the favor to their friend. In the case of the six students who participated this year, they were all friends before they began the application process. While the selection process was undoubtedly nerve-racking, three pairs were selected to participate. Upon selection, Westminster agreed to pay for the travel expenses of the students, allowing them to partake in a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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