About Us - Westminster College - Fulton, Missouri 

Founded in 1851, Westminster College is a private, selective, coeducational, residential, undergraduate college with a curriculum based on the liberal arts with an emphasis on developmental experience. The College is dedicated to teaching excellence and an education centered on key values (integrity, fairness, respect, and responsibility) that prepare our graduates to become leaders of character.

The student enrollment is just over 1,100 with a student/faculty ratio of 14:1.  In the academic year 2011-12, students represent 34 states and 68 countries, making Westminster one of the most diverse small liberal arts colleges in the nation.

Winston Churchill delivered his famous "Iron Curtain" speech on campus in 1946, and in recent years George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, and Lech Walesa have participated in the College's international lecture series. Prominent on campus are National Churchill Museum and the monumental sculpture "Breakthrough," created from sections of the Berlin Wall.

The College is located in Fulton, Missouri, a community of 13,000 residents that is approximately 25 miles from both Columbia and Jefferson City.

Westminster College
Developing Leaders in a Global Community