Employee Recognition Program 

Westminster College

Employee Recognition Program

The Employee Recognition Program is administered by the Westminster College Human Resource Department.

  Westminster College recognizes that its employees are a vital asset and should be cultivated.  This involves making a commitment to each employee to provide an atmosphere in which personal and professional growth is fostered by:

  1.       Recognizing the contributions of all employees to their department and Westminster College as a whole.

  2.       Understanding that Westminster College needs to promote a balanced life for all employees.

  3.       Setting the goal for Westminster College to identify, promote, and celebrate the personal and professional growth of each employee.

  Morale and productivity are increased when attention is paid to the positive performances of Westminster College employees who strive for excellence in what they do.

All employees are encouraged to catch other employees in the act of ‘doing the right things in the right way’ and broadcasting that information to the rest of the organization.  Recognition by peers who are directly affected by the work of colleagues is extremely meaningful. 

Our core values of integrity, fairness, respect, and responsibility must be ingrained in our everyday methods of doing our work. 


Components of the Employee Recognition Program

Verbal Communication

Each one of us contributes to the atmosphere in which we work.  Both productivity and morale have been linked to the ratio of positive to negative comments made about ourselves, our colleagues, our jobs, our work area, and so on.  We need to challenge ourselves to make more positive comments than negative ones.  This will have two results: a) positive comments feed on positive comments and vice versa producing positive momentum which yields better results and b) attention is paid to
desirable results rather than focusing on things that are wrong. 
The overall morale of Westminster College is the result of each person’s contribution.

  Recognition Coupons

Recognition coupons are available on our website and are included in this document.  Employees may fill out a coupon and give it to another employee who has been “caught” doing something positive and productive or they may send an email to the employee.  The intent of the email or coupon is to recognize extra-ordinary efforts or performance. Please feel free to share this with your supervisor so they are aware of your recognition. Each month employees who receive a recognition coupon or email and have turned their coupons or email into HR will be entered into a monthly drawing.  Five $25.00 awards will be made each month.  The monthly drawing will occur during the first week of the month and will be made by a chosen Westminster employee. The winners will be notified by email and the $25.00 will be sent with the next payroll. All tickets not drawn will be disposed of each month.   

Click below for Coupons

Employee Recognition Coupons


Annual Service Awards   

The Service Awards recognize employees who have reached five or multiples of five years of uninterrupted service as of January 1st of any given year.  The employees are then recognized during the year.

Employees who have met the criteria are recognized in the following manner:



Award Certificate to be Redeem at Campus Bookstore or  Churchill Memorial

5 years

10 years

15 years

20 years

25 years

30+ years

$15 certificate

$30 certificate

$50 certificate

$60 certificate

$75 certificate

$100 certificate