Skulls of Seven 

The Skulls of Seven, founded in 1898, is a mystical society dedicated to upholding the traditions and ideals of Westminster College. The members are students in good academic standing who are respected leaders of the Westminster community and who strive to put the college ahead of personal or special interests. The Skulls of Seven is a self-perpetuating body, which encourages applications from all student leaders.

The Skulls of Seven is an honor society that prides itself on commitment to seven virtues:  tradition, history, scholarship, loyalty and friendship, citizenship, service, and honor.  The Skulls of Seven are defenders of college tradition and are chosen for their adherence to the seven virtues with the duty of upholding these values.  These six seniors and one junior are selected based on their proven devotion to the college and  their positive representation of  Westminster. This society has existed for over 100 years and is the oldest group on the Westminster campus.  The continuing purpose of the Skulls is always and ever the welfare of the college.   



Congratulations to the newly initiated Skulls of Seven:
  • Jack Easterly (Grand Marshal)
  • Grace Clifton
  • Joe James
  • Benjamin Jones
  • Kristen Fisher
  • Abdullah Al-Hadeethi
  • Ryan Harrison (Baby Skull)