Name: Lake More
Title: Speaker of the Senate
Major: Political Science & Philosophy
Minor: Pre-Law
Previous SGA Involvement: Freshman Senator
Campus Involvement: Blue Blazers, Delta Tau Delta, College Republicans,
Student Ambassadors, Phi Sigma Tau
Bio: I'm a junior fro Muskogee, OK. During the summer, I spend every day that I can on the river. I love camping, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and grilling. I love being outside in general with friends and family. After Westminster, I plan to attend a top 15 law school and then move back to my home state to practice.

Name: Hannah Cooper
Title: Secretary of the Senate
Major: International Studies & Political Science
Minor: Security Studies
Previous SGA Involvement: Sophomore Class Senator
Campus Involvement: Senior Class Senator, Honor Commission, Phi Sigma Alpha, Kappa Alpha Theta, Wren Quire
Bio: I'm a senior from Washington, DC. I absolutely love serving the Class of 2014 as a senator and I'm so excited for the upcoming school year!


Paige Harris (Class President)

Rebecca Cameron (Class Vice President)

Mary Katherine Keller (Class Business Manager)

Adam Riggs

Ally Wingert

Aubrey Venvertloh

Grant Peterson 

Kristen Warncke

Trevor Ford



Meredith Bolen (Class President)

Laura Wiltshire (Class Vice President)

Spencer O'Gara (Class Business Manager)

Erin Devasto 

Da'Shaun Scott

Molly Dwyer

Amelia Ayers 

Nick Nelson

Miranda Epstein




Aristotle Butler (Class President)

Will Megl (Class Vice President)

Danielle Smulczenski (Class Business Manager)

Rachel Ewalt 

Spencer Smith 

Tenzing Dhakhwa 

Tripti Giri 

Wes Bramer 

Danielle Smulczenski



Lauren Spohn (Class President)

Ben Jones (Class Vice President)

Shannon Baker (Class Business Manager)

Ben Jones

Erin Wang

Kristen Fisher 

Matt Borst

Shannon Baker

(+1 TBA)