The Program 

The Emerson Fellowship consists of two components that operate concurrently during the summer of the Fellowship. One portion of the Fellowship is an internship in a center of current public policy development at the national level and usually includes experience in the Fellow's general interest area.

The second portion of the Fellowship gives the Fellow the opportunity to meet public policy leaders in various positions whose guidance and advice can assist the Fellow in better understanding the role one plays in his/her community and within the workplace. 

The Emerson Fellowship is a unique opportunity providing systematic exposure to organizations, associations, and businesses in the private sector as well as policy centers in Congress and the Administration. A distinguished Advisory Committee shares the responsibility of helping ensure the quality of the experience.

For more information:

Contact the Internship Coordinator by e-mail, call 573-592-5381, or make an appointment to visit the Internship Office at Newnham Hall, lower level.

Career Service and Internship Program Disclaimer
-Mike B., 2010 Emerson Fellow,
was an intern to the Director of Intelligence and Research at
Meridian International