Who's Who in the Internship 

Role of an Intern 

  • An intern is NOT a volunteer. An intern earns academic credit based on what s/he learns from the experience.
  • An intern is NOT a resident expert. A student should not be asked to fill a gap in a specific area.
  • An intern is NOT a go-fer. We recommend that routine work be limited to 20% of an intern's time.
  • An intern is NOT a regular employee. The intern needs short-term goals that will allow him/her to accomplish something valuable and tangible within the timeframe of the internship.

Who's Who

  • Students are responsible for defining their own learning outcomes within the parameters of their work environment and are expected to become participating members of the sponsoring organization. Students reflect upon and communicate the learning that is occurring by completing a learning journal, participating in regular meetings with a faculty sponsor and developing a final project.
  • Site Supervisors play an important role in helping interns define realistic expectations for the experience, providing training and on-site guidance. Supervisors also provide valuable information on the intern's progress.
  • Faculty Sponsors provide academic guidance by helping students combine theory with experience. Sponsors meet regularly with students to raise questions, challenge assumptions, and offer assistance. The faculty sponsor also evaluates the experience and assigns credit.
  • The Internship Coordinator is the connection between the faculty, the student, and the work site. The Coordinator assists in the development of internships, prepares students, and maintains contact with all parties involved.

For more information: 

Contact the Internship Coordinator by emailing internship@westminster-mo.edu, calling 573-592-5381, or make an appointment to visit the Internship Office at Newnham Hall, lower level.

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