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The Westminster Internship Program is designed to extend student learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting into professional work environments. 

Faculty sponsors are an integral aspect to the awarding of academic credit for internships. Internships are only academically relevant if the internship experience is tied into an academic culture. Activities assigned by the faculty sponsor, and the intern's interaction with the sponsor help to evaluate, articulate and solidify the learning experience. The unique contributions of the faculty sponsor include academic content expertise and guidance in explaining the connection between theory and practical experience.

Faculty Sponsors Provide

  • guidance by helping interns combine theory with experience
  • support by meeting regularly with interns to raise questions and challenge assumptions
  • evaluation of the experience by supervising the final project and assigning credit
Benefits of Sponsoring 

  • participation in the intellectual, personal, and career-related growth of students learning in professional work environments
  • gain knowledge of current professional practices related to your discipline
  • contact with professionals in your field or related area of interest
  • increased understanding of academic theories put into practice
  • Faculty receive a small stipend as compensation for sponsoring an intern. Contact the Internship Coordinator at (573) 592-5382 for more information.

Download the Faculty Guidebook here:

For more information:

Contact the Internship Coordinator by emailing internship@westminster-mo.edu, calling 573-592-5381, or visit the Internship Office at Newnham Hall, lower level.

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