- Chandler assisted a new business with its marketing strategy.

  1. How do I locate an internship?
    There are a number of ways to find internships!

    1. Meet with Abigail Manwell, Assistant Director of the Center for Career Development/Internship Coordinator. Talking through your interests and career goals, we can introduce you to many unique opportunities.
    2. Check out the "Internship Opportunities" link on the left as well as Columns CareerLink.
    3. Visit the Richard Career Resource Center in the lower level of Newnham Hall where we have white binders filled with internships from all over the country.
    4. Talk with friends, families, staff, professors, anyone who may be connected with the industry you are interested in.

  2. Why should I do an internship for credit?
    1. The intern receives support and guidance from a faculty sponsor who helps the student apply the concepts and theories of the classroom to the work place.
    2. The student begins the internship with a deliberate learning plan that was approved by the site supervisor and faculty sponsor. This keeps the internship experience academic and prevents students from performing primarily routine or uninteresting work for an organization.
    3. The internship credit will appear on the student's transcript. This indicates to employers and graduate programs that the experience was academically based.
      NOTE: International students are required to receive credit for off-campus internships.

  3. What is the cost for enrolling in an internship?
    During the Fall and Spring, internships are included in the regular class load. If a student's class load exceeds 19 credits, there is a standard overload fee. During the summer, internships are considered a summer course and carry tuition costs of $275 per credit hour (3/2014).  This amount is subject to change; check with the Internship Coordinator for the current rate.
  4. What is the time commitment involved in an internship?
    Students can earn one credit for every 50 hours spent on the internship site. This number of hours does not include time spent on the learning journal, faculty contact, or final project. Below is a chart outlining the hours required.

    Credit hours

    Hours worked
    on Internship

    Hours worked
    per week

    Recommended number
    of weeks

    2 100 8 - 10 10 - 12
    3 150 12 - 15 10 - 12
    4 200 16 - 20 10 - 12

    1. Internships for academic credit are offered to those students who have completed their sophomore year and are in good academic standing with a 2.0 or better cumulative GPA.
    2. Non-credit internships may be done by any student at any time. 
    3. International students follow the same guidelines as domestic students. For more information, contact the Internship Program by at internship@westminster-mo.edu or the Office of International Programs

For more information: 

Contact the Internship Coordinator at internship@westminster-mo.edu or 573-592-5381.

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