New Ideas 

Grab & Go
We recognize that our students are busy and that meal times can often take a back seat to daily workloads.  That is why Fresh Ideas makes "Grab and Go" selections available as an alternative to dining in the cafeteria.  Located at the JCI snack bar Fresh Ideas will have a variety of Grab and Go entrees prepared to keep you moving during your busy day.  If you need a box lunch or a special dietary meal please inform the Fresh Ideas manager at 573.592.5352, 24 hour in advance to arrange delivery.

Specialty Bars & Wellness Bars
Fresh Ideas understands the importance of keeping things new and ever changing on a daily basis.  Fresh Ideas will provide a Vegetarian entree, Low Fat entree and appropriate side dishes at each meal.

Physician - Planned Diets
If a contract patron is unable for medical reasons to consume the meal served in the dining room, Fresh Ideas will try to provide, at no additional cost to the student or the client, a meal that is consistent with the physician's instructions.

Declining Balance
Fresh Ideas offers a declining balance debit card program for College boarding students that allow such boarding students to prepay an amount to Fresh Ideas in exchange for a debit card.  The students may then use the debit card in Fresh Ideas POS system to purchase meals or food items in the dining hall or snack bar on a declining balance basis.  Any unused balance at the end of the fall semester will carry forward from fall semester to spring semester of a school year; however, unused balances as of 11:59 pm on the last day of the spring semester shall be forfeited by the student and become the property of Fresh Ideas.

If you have any suggestion, please take some time to leave us a comment on our comment page.