Marquess Hall 

Marquess Hall was named after Westminster professor Edgar Hoge Marquess, 1842-1924.  He was a professor of Latin for 35 years and Bursar of the College for 25 years.



Willow Springs, Missouri

What is your favorite class and why?
Biological Processes.  I loved learning how different aspects of life are powered by molecular reactions.

Who is your favorite professor and why?
Dr. Jane Kenney-Hunt.  She's extremely understanding and patient.

Favorite place on campus and why?
Glass Room in Coulter Science Center.  It's a great place to study quietly or with a louder group.

An interesting fact about you:
Both my first and middle names are shared with royalty.

Advice to an incoming student:
Be diligent in your studies, but take time to relax and make new friends.

Clubs and Organizations:
Blue Jay Women's Basketball



Ferguson, Missouri

Why Westminster?
I love the sense of community, and the location is perfect for me.

Favorite foods?
Ice cream

Favorite place on campus and why?
JCI because it's a great place to hang out with friends, do homework, and learn to play pool.

An interesting fact about you:
I am the baby of seven children, and all but one of us have red hair.

Advice to incoming student:
Know who your real friends are.

Clubs and Organizations:
Alpha Gamma Delta, Cross Country, The Columns, RHA