Rice Hall 

Rice Hall was named after Westminster professor John Jay Rice, 1842-1920. Professor Rice was Vice President and Dean as well as Acting President of the College.



Durban, South Africa

Why Westminster?
I wanted a college that genuinely cares about international students and that takes pride in diversity and Westminster stood out for me.

Favorite place on campus and why?
PC lab in the library and that is because I can do all my work while on the internet but most importantly it is quiet.

Favorite foods?
Pap and Boer wors

An interesting fact about you:
I am always imitating people. 

Advise to an incoming student:
Take it easy and do your best in everything.  Put yourself out there to stand out!

Clubs and organizations:
African Union Organization




Rolla, Missouri

Why Westminster?
I love the people here, and academically this is a very good school.  I also had the opportunity to play basketball.  When making my decision it just seemed to be the one school that I was sure I wanted to attend.

Favorit foods?
I love steak and homemade crab rangoon

Favorite place on campus and why?
The historic gym because when I am stressed out or just want to get away, I can go up there and shoot some baskets to clear my head.

An interesting fact about you:
I'm a history nerd.

Advice to an incoming student:
STAY ORGANIZED and plan ahead.  If youplan ahead with all yoru work it relieves a lot of stress and allows you to have more free time.

Clubs and Organizations:
Blue Jay Men's Basketball team, Resident Advisor