Residential Houses 

Priority for Residential Houses will be based on seniority and GPA per the online Housing Selection Process.  All student in good standing with the Business Office are eligible to apply.  Students with Business Office holds, outstanding balance of $500.00 more, will not be eligible to apply until holds are released.

The following Residential Houses are available for House Pick for 2014-2015:

A Level

302 W. 5th Street

307 W. 5th Street

519 W. 7th Street

709 Hickman Ave.

B Level

309 W. 5th Street

House Coordinators:
316 W. 6th Street
521 W. 7th Street

Houses offline for 2014-2015:
208 W. 5th Street
324 W. 6th Street
517 7th Street
523 7th Street
710 Westminster Ave.