Meal Plans 

Meal Plans at Westminster College

All students who are living in one of the residence halls must participate in an approved meal plan that includes an unlimited number of seconds, with the exception of steak or similar premium entrees.
Meal Plan Options

19 Meal Plan:  Entitles you to all 19 weekly meals and includes $100.00 Blue Jay Bucks. 

15 Meal Plan:  Entitles you to any 15 of the 19 weekly meals and includes $75.00 Blue Jay Bucks.   

10 Meal Plan:  Entitles you to any 10 of the 19 weekly meals and includes $50.00 Blue Jay Bucks.

Want to know what Bonus Bucks are and how to use them ?  
2014-2015 Meal Calendar

Special Meal Blocks

Students may also purchase blocks of 50 and 80 meals which may be used anytime in Mueller Leadership Hall.  

            50 meals: $340.00 
            80 meals: $520.00

Students required to be on a college meal plan (19, 15, or 10) cannot purchase a meal block in exchange for the college meal plan.

You may establish your own line of credit if you wish.  Contact the Director of Westminster Dining Services/Head Chef, Guy Cashman, for details.

Selecting and Changing Your Meal Plan

Unless the student notifies the Office of Student Life differently, the student will be placed on the 19-meal plan. Students may change meal plans on a semester basis until the seventh day of classes at which time changes for the semester cannot be made.

Please see Chrissy Maddox in Residential and Greek Life Office, 327 W. 7th Street, for changes or questions regarding your meal plan or meal block. Changes to meal plans must be made in person.