Request for Early Arrival 

If you would like to request permission to return to campus early, please fill out the information below.  All Apartment and Grove residents wanting to move-in prior to August 18th should fill out this form.  We will do our best to honor all reasonable requests, but may not be able to grant all requests due to maintenance, cleaning schedules, or staff availability, among other reasons.

Please be mindful of the following 2014 campus move-in dates:

August 1 WC Apartment/Grove Residents Any   48 hours notice to RGL
August 7 Resident Advisors & Managers    
August 10 International Student Peer Guides    
August 10   Football Athletes  (schedule) 1:30pm-4:30 pm Champ Auditorium Lower Level
August 12 Freshman Seminar Mentors    
August 13 Volleyball  (schedule)
Soccer  (schedule)
Cross Country  (schedule)
8:30am - 11:30 am Champ Auditorium Lower Level
August 13 Greek Women    
August 16 New Student Move-In 
        Freshman Move-In Schedule
        Transfer Move-In Schedule
8:00 am - 2:00 pm Champ Auditorium
Lower Level
August 16 Residential House Residents
Upperclass Hall Residents

NOTE: If you live more than six hours away from Fulton, we may grant you permission to move in one day prior to the above dates, but you still must make a formal request.