Service-Learning at Westminster College 

 Service-Learning Defined
Service-learning is a curriculum-based pedagogy that connects course content to community needs through experiential learning. This learning is reciprocal for both the students and the identified community organizations. Students involved in service-learning become more aware of community needs through guided reflection, leading to a stronger connection to the course content and greater likelihood that they will develop into more socially responsible citizens and leaders.

For faculty: Service-Learning Criteria Checklist

  • Recognized: service-learning experiences meet a recognized community need
  • Reciprocal: service-learning experiences provide a meaningful and reciprocal experience for the student and the identified community organization
  • Reflective: service-learning experiences incorporate guided reflective activities that further connect course content with the service experiences
  • Registered: service-learning courses should be registered with the Community Engagement & Service-Learning Office each semester for recognition in the schedule of courses, potential funding and award opportunities

How can students benefit from service-learning:

  • You will increase academic learning from real work experiences
  • You will understand community issues and learn how you can make a difference
  • You will explore career options and build your resume
  • You will develop leadership and communication skills
  • You will connect service to civic responsibility

How can faculty benefit from service-learning:
  • Build classroom community and increases student retention
  • Strengthen the relationship between theory and practice
  • Establish connections between course content and community needs
  • Allow for assessment and critical reflection
  • Reach multiple learning styles
  • Teach values, social justice, and civic responsibility

**Funding through the college and external grants are available for service-learning courses. Inquire with Program Director for Community Engagement & Service-Learning, Jill Olson, 573-592-6213.