Interfaith Advisory Board 



Namaste, my name is Yasna Rajkarnikar and I am a sophomore. I am majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. I am a Buddhist by religion but I also follow Hinduism as my society has been highly influenced by Hindu culture and traditions. The main reason behind me joining the Interfaith Advisory group is because I wanted to share my culture and religion with everyone here on campus and even learn about other religions represented in Westminster College. Joining IAB has helped me a lot in enhancing and understanding my religion, but has also provided me with an opportunity to learn about other religions.


My name is Hannah Domino and I am a junior. I am majoring in Business Communications and am minoring in Business Administration. I am Catholic. I joined the Interfaith Advisory Board after I went on an Interfaith and diversity retreat my freshman year. It really opened my eyes to how important diversity is and I saw first hand that having different religious group coming together could be a great and powerful thing.

My name is Noah Alexander Lennon. I am a senior and my major is Religious Studies. I identify myself Agnostic/Spiritual.  I love IAB because it brings people together that all love harmony, peace, faith, and social justice, and understand that all religions are searching for the same answers.


Hi my name is Bongiwe Shongwe and I am a junior. I am majoring in Economics with mathematics minor. I am Catholic. Living in a diverse community necessitates that one learns about his/her surroundings, including the religious beliefs of the people in the said community. For me, IAB is the window through which I learn a little more about my surroundings.

I am Rima Chahin, Palestinian/Lebanese; currently I am a sophomore at Westminster, majoring in Biology (pre-med). During my first year at the college I have made it my goal to get involved on campus. Where this campus has provided me with too many ways to achieve my goal; this is one of the reasons that I have decided to join the interfaith Advisory Board. Moreover, being a Muslim and living in society where everyone is different from me pushed my interests toward other religions, and cultures. I believe that each religion must be respected and appreciate it, because each religion has its unique thoughts and beliefs. Moreover, I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to help generating a stronger interfaith community on Westminster College’s campus.



I am Andrew Lankford. I am a senior. My major is Religious Studies. I am a Christian – Baptist. I joined IAB because I feel that there is a gap between social life and religious life on Westminster's campus and I saw IAB as the perfect opportunity to bridge that gap.


Hello! My name is Erin Perry and I am a freshman at Westminster. I plan to major in Religious Studies with a possible minor in Women's Studies. I am a Christian with a background in the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). I joined Interfaith because it was an opportunity to learn and teach about different faith traditions (as well as spirituality in general).

Hello everyone, I am Shirshak Aryal from Nepal and I am a junior at Westminster College. I am studying Biology and Mathematics here at Westminster College. I identify myself as a Spiritual person rather than follower of any religion. Hoping to have great year ahead with Interfaith.