Winter Intersession 

Why not add an online course to your winter break plans?  Westminster intersession courses are a great opportunity to earn credit in major and general education courses with a discounted hourly tuition rate. 

Registration Information

  • Register Online - Closed
  • Contact: Phyllis Masek, Registrar, 573.592.5213

Term Dates: December 16, 2013 - January 3, 2014
Classes are held entirely online for three weeks (unless otherwise noted on schedule). Students enrolling in Westminster intersession classes will also receive letter grades that could potentially improve the Westminster grade point average. Students who enroll for on-line classes should carefully review the course description and information for on-line classes before enrolling.

Online Course Requirements

  • Must attend the online orientation meeting scheduled, to be announced.
  • Students are responsible for obtaining their course books before the start of class and are available at the bookstore.
  • Maintain reliable access to the Internet throughout the three week session

For further information, please contact Dr. Susan Serota, Director of Online Teaching.