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A.C.T. A test designed to assess general educational development of high school students and their ability to complete college-level work.
Academic Support Operating Expense category which includes expenditures for the library.
Admitted Student An applicant who has been offered admission to Westminster College.
All Students Every student enrolled including degree seeking and non-degree seeking students.
Alumnae/i Individuals who have graduated from Westminster College or those completing two semesters of academic work before withdrawing or transferring.
Annual Fund Gifts that support Westminster College's current operations.
Annual Operating Margin The increase in net assets from operating activities divided by operating revenue.
Applicant A candidate for admission to Westminster College who submits an application form.
Auxiliary Enterprise An activity that is supported by Westminster College and is offered to furnish goods or services and that charges a fee directly related to the cost of the good or service. Auxiliary enterprises are managed to be self-supporting. Food Service is an auxiliary enterprise.
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