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Capital Gifts Gifts that support the endowment, building projects, or major initiatives.
Carnegie Classification U.S. colleges and universities are grouped by their mission into categories. Westminster College is one of 218 Liberal Arts institutions that emphasize undergraduate education. The classification is periodically updated by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.
C.I.P. Unique numeric codes assigned to all academic programs. Used by the federal government and other organizations for reporting enrollment and graduation numbers.
Cohort A group defined by common characteristics. A student cohort is a group that entered Westminster College in the same academic term.
Common Data Set A collaborative effort among higher education data providers and publishers. The goal is to improve the quality and accuracy of information provided and reduce the reporting burden on institutions.
Consolidated Financial Index Developed by accounting firms to assess the financial viability of colleges. Calculated using the Primary Reserve Ratio, Net Income Ratio, Viability Ratio, and Net Asset Return Ratio.
Conversion The percentage of students from the inquiry pool wo submit an application for admission to Westminster College.
C.P.I. Consumer Price Index or measure of the relative price of a market basket of goods and services that consumers purchase.
Credit Recognition of attendance or performance in an instructional activity (course or program) that can be applied by a student toward the requirements for a degree.
Credit Hour A unit of measure representing approximately an hour (50 minutes) of instruction over a semester.
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