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Interviewing for jobs and internships is an important step that is often overlooked by applicants in the process of finding employment. The Center for Career Development has many available resources to help in this area.

A workshop is held every year that focuses on Interviewing Skills, where such current topics as behavioral interviewing are covered. Occasionally employers present their viewpoints during these sessions and upperclass men and women often share experiences they have had recently during the interview process.

Mock interviews are also offered for any student wishing to enhance their interviewing abilities. After a 30-minute interview, the student and professional staff member critique it. Feedback from students taking advantage of this service has been extremely favorable.

Prepare for Structured Behavioral Interview
These frequently asked questions and answers can help you prepare for a Structured Behavioral Interview.

Professional Etiquette Tips

How to Dress Professionally for Women
How to Dress Professionally for Men
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