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John York, Kansas City

John Everett York, IB student from Kansas City, MissouriJohn York hit the ground running when he arrived at Westminster. As part of the Honors Program and Freshman Honor Society, he had already distinguished himself as one of our top students, making the Dean's List his first semester.

John shared his thoughts about coming to Westminster: "When it comes to being an IB student heading to college, the idea that you have to take more college courses after sitting through all those college style courses the last two years of high school, seems like a déjà vu trap. But, with the help of my experiences and teachers and thanks to the IB program, the transition to college life - especially at such a fine liberal arts school such as Westminster - was really pretty easy.

I understood the pace of class and the expectations (for the most part) of my professors. Westminster's IB transfer policies allowed me to bring in many credit so that I could bypass some of the classes that seemed less desirable to me in my majors of Secondary Education (which is inspired in large by my IB teachers) and History. It also made me an attractive candidate as just a freshman for the inaugural classes of the Westminster Honors Program and the Freshman Honor Society.

And it can't be ignored that the IB program opened the door for numerous scholarship opportunities. It simply cannot be stated clearly enough how much the IB program means to me and my early success here at Westminster."
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