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Scientific Inquiry

  • Two courses are required for completion of this context
  • At least one of the courses must include both a lecture and a laboratory
  • Courses approved for this context:

Lab Sciences

  • BIO 100 General Biology I
  • BIO 107 Intro to Human Biology Lecture and Lab
  • BIO 108 Intro to Biological Principles Lecture and Lab
  • BIO 124/125 Biodiversity Lecture and Lab
  • BIO 114/115 Biological Processes Lecture and Lab
  • CHM105/106 Intro to Chemistry/Lab
  • CHM 114/115 General Chemistry I/Lab
  • CHM 124/125 General Chemistry II/Lab
  • GEO 108 Intro to Physical Geology and Lab
  • GEO 110 Earth Systems and Lab
  • GEO 116 Environmental Geology and Lab
  • GEO 118 Historical Geology
  • PHY 201 Physics I and Lab
  • PHY 212 Physics II and Lab

NonLab Sciences

  • AST 211 Astronomy
  • BIO 105 Essentials of Biology (Formerly BIO 105 Intro to Biological Principles)
  • BIO 211 Insects and Human Affairs
  • ENV 105 Environmental Science
  • ITY 177 Foundations of Information Technology Science
  • PHY 105 Introduction to Physics

The lecture portion of the Chemistry lab science courses may be taken without the lab and will fulfill the 2nd nonlab science requirement.

Students may count BIO 105 or BIO 108, but not both, for their Tier II Scientific Inquiry context.

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