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Tier III

The General Education program requires a single course to be completed in the junior or senior year that draws together students from various disciplines for the sake of sharing their perspectives and discovering how an integrative approach can enrich understanding and facilitate solutions. Several courses will be offered annually. These courses require students to address contemporary issues and problems using a higher level of integrative and analytic skills than in previous general education courses. Further, integrative tier courses require students to share insights and conclusions about the issues at hand in research papers, essays, projects, and/or presentations.

Students must complete one integrative course (3 hours) approved by the Curriculum Committee. A student taking an integrative course taught by a member of his or her major department may apply the course to satisfy 1) major requirements, or 2) the integrative requirement of the new Foundations General Education program, but not both. However, students who successfully complete majors in any approved program of interdisciplinary study which is not housed in a single department, or who have more than one declared major, will have automatically satisfied the Tier III requirement if one of the courses successfully completed to satisfy major requirements is an approved Tier III course.

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