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Faculty Research

Recently, we asked our faculty to update us on their research projects. We received a diverse and interesting list of ongoing projects. We also received the following comments from one of most venerable faculty members. We enjoyed the quote so much and the list of research projects that we thought we would share both with you.

"Westminster College is a teaching institution. An institution at which the faculty are largely PhD or equivalent holders who pride themselves on having an intense desire to help their students come to some reasonable understanding of a particular subject matter and who spend long hours toward effecting that goal."

Westminster is a liberal arts college it means to me that:

  1. I need to becurrent, to the extent that I am able to be, about the whole of my discipline;
  2. I need to be somewhat current on what is going on in academe and other related disciplines;
  3. I need to teach cross-disciplinary courses which means doing a lot of research just to be effective; and,
  4. I need to help my students make sense of the research that is out there.

- Douglas Fickess, Professor of Biology

A Sampling of Current Research Projects

William Young, Professor of Religion

  • Working on an article for publication titled "Is it our Story" Native Americans and the Bible.
  • Beginning work on the 2nd edition of "The World?s Religions: Worldviews and Contemporary Issues."
  • Beginning work on a fictional story based upon the true life relationship of the Lenape (Delaware) Indian leader, Captain Ketchum and Isaac Mundy (Dr. Young?s great-great-grandfather).

David Southern, Cotton Professor of History

  • Working on a book tentatively titled "African Americans in the Progressive Era: Race, Reform, and Reaction, 1900-1920."

Kurt Jefferson, Associate Professor of Political Science

  • Working on a book studying Christianity and World Politics due to be completed in the Spring of 2001.
  • Presenting a paper and chairing a panel on small states in Europe and the European Union in the Summer of 2000 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada at the International Political Science World Congress.

David Collins, Professor of English

  • Writing a guide to literary Paris.
  • Writing a collection of essays based upon personal experiences in Paris. Three of the essays are currently published.

Richard Lael, Professor of History, and Margot McMillen, Instructor of English

  • Working on a history of Fulton State Hospital.

Samuel Goodfellow, Associate Professor of History

  • On-going research in Facets of Fascism and the social history of Germany/East Germany from 1939-1949.

Wayne Zade, Professor of English

  • Research for a book on jazz in Japan.

Judy Schaneman, Associate Professor of French

  • Creating programs to internationalize the curriculum.

Michael Amspoker, Professor of Biology

  • Studying diatoms, microscopic algae, in a river that runs across Belize.

Therese Miller, Instructor of Physical Education

  • Researching the effect of physical activity on academic performance and classroom behavior in fourth grade students
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