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Academic Divisions and Departments

Westminster Hall

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Humanities Dr. Cinnamon Brown, Division Chair
English Dr. Maureen Tuthill
Foreign Languages and Literature (Spanish, French) Dr. Enrique Salas-Durazo
History Dr. Sam Goodfellow
Classics, Philosophy, Religious Studies Dr. Cliff Cain
Communication and Fine Arts Dr. Natasia Sexton
Natural and Mathematical Sciences Dr. Erin Martin, Division Chair
Biology and Environmental Science Dr. Gabe McNett
Chemistry Dr. Bernie Hansert
Mathematical Science and Physics Dr. Laura Stumpe
Computer Science Dr. Edward Mirielli
Social Sciences Dr. Tobias Gibson, Division Chair
Accounting, Business, Economics & Finance Dr. Rabi Bhandari
Education Dr. James Concannon
Health and Exercise Science Dr. Therese Miller
Political Science, Security Studies, and Sociology Dr. John Langton
Psychology Dr. Abby Coats
Professional Advancement and Leadership Dr. Robert Cowles
Program Directors and Program Coordinators
Asian, Transnational and International Studies Programs Dr. Kurt Jefferson, Coordinator
Assessment Dr. David Jones, Director
Churchill Institute for Global Engagement Dr. Kurt Jefferson, Director
Center for Teaching and Learning Dr. Nate Leonard, Director
Dual Degree Engineering Program Dr. Erin Martin, Coordinator
Environmental Science and Environmental Studies Dr. Irene Unger, Coordinator
Fine Arts (Humanities) Dr. Natasia Sexton, Coordinator
Grants Advisor Dr. Dawn Holliday, Advisor
Health Professions Program Dr. Dawn Holliday, Coordinator
Legal Careers Program Dr. John Langton, Coordinator
Online Teaching Program Dr. Sue Serota, Director
Organizational Leadership Dr. David Jones, Coordinator
Physical Education Dr. Therese Miller, Coordinator
Teacher Education Dr. James Concannon, Coordinator
Security Studies Dr. Tobias Gibson, Coordinator
Sports Entertainment Business Management Mr. Jack Croghan, Director
Westminster Seminar Dr. Selcen Phelps, Director
Women's & Gender Studies Dr. Cinnamon Brown, Coordinator
Writing Across the Curr. Program/Writing Center Dr. Maureen Tuthill, Director
Westminster Honors Program Dr. Heidi LaVine, Director
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