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Major Highlights

The Departments of Biology and Chemistry offer an interdisciplinary major program of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry. The major program is structured into two tracks, biological emphasis and chemical emphasis, to allow the student to pursue a more advanced study of biochemistry to fulfill their particular interests and professional goals. Both tracks require introductory biology and chemistry courses which emphasize  fundamental concepts and give students a clear insight into the underlying biological and chemical principles. The Biodiversity, Biological Processes and General Chemistry courses fulfill the general degree requirements for a course in laboratory science as well as serving as foundation courses for biochemistry students.


Biological Emphasis:
Name: Dr. Jeff Mayne 
Position: Associate Professor of Biology & Environmental Science
Office: Room 223, Coulter Science Center
Phone: (573) 592-5272

Chemical Emphasis:
Name: Dr. Glen Frerichs
Position: Professor of Chemistry
Office: Room 324, Coulter Science Center
Phone: (573) 592-5205

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Mike Amspoker, Professor of Biology 
Dr. Glen Frerichs, Chair Professor of Chemistry
Associate Professor: B. Hansert, I. Unger 
Assistant Professors: D. Holliday, J. Kenney-Hunt, J. Mayne (Chair Biology), G. McNett

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