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For Mathematics major and minor requirements, please refer to the academic catalog.

Why Study Mathematics at Westminster College?

Mathematical problems abound in daily life, and the study of mathematics can lead to a variety of exciting careers.  Westminster graduates have gone on to study fields such as applied mathematics, physics, economics, actuarial sciences, secondary education, computer science, and engineering. Many students begin graduate studies, enter the field of education, or move into the areas of statistics or actuarial science. In fact, mathematician, actuary, and statistician are the top three rated jobs you can have.

Major Highlights

A mathematics major will study analytic geometry, probability and statistics, analysis, differential equations and much more. Students will also have the opportunity to do independent research over the summer or during the year and present their findings at our Undergraduate Scholars Forum, a day when classes are suspended for the entire Westminster community to view research projects, presentations, and readings. 

The Mathematics major offers a strong foundation in the discipline through its core courses while encouraging students to tailor to their specific needs through a variety of upper-level elective options. All of our courses encourage the use of technology and teamwork, emphasizing TI graphing calculators and mathematical software. 

In addition, math majors have the opportunity to participate in Westminster's Dual Degree Engineering Program through which they would earn a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Westminster And a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Washington University or Missouri University of Science and Technology. In this program, students attend Westminster for 3 years and the engineering institution for approximately 2 years, thus earning two degrees in as few as five years!  See the Dual-Credit Engineering page for more information.

Other Experiences

Students will also have the opportunity to do independent research over the summer or during the academic year and present their findings at local and national mathematics conferences as well as our Undergraduate Scholars Forum. Students can participate in mathematics competitions such as the Putnam Examination or the Collegiate Mathematics Competition. Qualifying mathematics majors are also invited to join Pi Mu Epsilon, a nationally charted honor society dedicated to the advancement of mathematics.

Student Quotes

"I always enjoyed mathematics, but I never knew how beautiful it really was until I started taking higher level courses. I love the fact that our math professors genuinely care about the student's understanding of the material and they're not focused on rushing through the course."  Robert Marti, '13

"My liberal arts education at Westminster allowed me to become a well-rounded individual. During my time spent at Westminster I was able to connect my love for mathematics with my passion for teaching. I continue to hold bonds with my mentors and peers who supported me during my development as a math teacher. These relationships and the wealth of knowledge that I gained at Westminster are instrumental in the teacher and mathematician that I am today."  Alyssa Monroe '11, M.Ed UMC

“Westminster gave me a wonderful foundation in the sciences. The breadth of courses that I took gave me a well-rounded education that taught me to think creatively and apply the concepts I learned to real life. In addition, I learned how to be a leader through the close community and activities that were offered. These things, as well as the support I received from the professors, have set me apart from other math students from larger universities. I am proud to have gone to such a distinguished school.”  Shawn Campbell, ‘08, Doctoral Candidate at UMC

Contact Information

Name: Mary Majerus
Position: Associate Professor of Math Sciences
Office: Room 309, Coulter Science Center
Phone: 573-592-5298

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