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Fulbright-Robertson Chair

The Visiting Chair of British History was established at Westminster College in 1991 to commemorate its founder, Rev. Dr. William Robertson, and the College's connection with the British statesman Winston Churchill.

The Rev. Robertson's granddaughter, Mrs. Hermann, through the Grover Hermann Foundation, helped found the Chair, and with the help of the US-UK Fulbright Commission in London, the Fulbright-Robertson Chair has brought a different visiting professor of British History from the United Kingdom every year.

Holders of the Chair have hailed from all four corners of the United Kingdom: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Fulbright-Robertson Visiting Professors of British History

John Charmley 1992-93
Maureen Meikle 1993-95
John Ramsden 1995-96
Martin Francis 1996-97
Sheila Kerr 1997-98
Matthew O. Grenby 1998-99
Peter Catterall 1999-2000
Charles Loft 2000-01
Philip J. Morgan 2001-02
Lawrence Black 2002-03
R. P. W. Havers 2003-04
Paul Ward 2004-05
Philip Swan 2005-06
Richard C. Allen 2006-07
Richard Coggins 2007-08
Neil C. Fleming 2008-09
Roland Quinault 2010-11
Amy Blakeway 2011-12
James Cooper 2012-13
Laura Harrison 2015-16
Jonathan Chandler 2016-17
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