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Robert Mather
Robert D. Mather
Robert D. Mather is Associate Professor of Experimental Psychology and Forensic Psychology Graduate Program Coordinator at the University of Central Oklahoma. He has also taught in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is the CEO of the Journal of Scientific Psychology and has conducted experimental research on both social cognition and visual perception. He has co-authored the books Automaticity and Cognitive Control in Social Behavior (Fountainhead, 2007) and The Analysis of Variance: An Integrated Approach to Experimental Design (Kendall/Hunt, 2008).

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R. Eric Landrum
R. Eric LandrumR. Eric Landrum is a professor of psychology at Boise State University, receiving his PhD in cognitive psychology from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. His research interests center on the educational conditions that best facilitate student success as well as the use of SoTL strategies to advance the efforts of scientist-educators.  He has over 300 professional presentations at conferences and has published over 20 books/book chapters. He has been teaching undergraduates for more than 20 years at Boise and in this time period has guided research for more than 275 students.